I invite you to come for an initial 30 minute consultation during which I can give you more information and you can decide whether you would like to proceed. There is no charge for this session.


Thereafter I charge £80 for a 50 minute session. However, I do not like to turn people away if they are prepared to engage in therapy, so concessions are often available where needed. Please note I charge the same rate for couples therapy.

Sometimes couples work requires a longer session in which case the charge is £120 for 80 minutes.

‘Thank you, Fiona, for believing in me when I had lost faith in myself. Your compassion and consistent presence helped me to move on, and you challenged me to take responsibility for the parts of my life that I could change. I feel as though I will be looking at life differently from now on’. (Client A)


‘Fiona’s combination of warmth, humour and intelligent questioning made me feel safe and understood, while simultaneously inspiring me to take control of my life again.’ (Client B)

A series of events and experiences in my life, lead me without me even knowing or understanding, to a place that was so dark and consuming that I would not wish anyone to be there. You gave me the ability to find peace and understanding regarding my feelings and needs, something that I could not understand and was tearing me and my family apart. This was life changing. You gave me so very much, more than my worlds could ever articulate. Without you, your guidance and help, I'm not sure what would have happened to our family and to me. (Client C)